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Basingstoke Recycling Centre

Basingstoke recycling Centre is a local charity that helps to collect and recycle waste materials from the local community. They provide a variety of resources for residents, including information on how to recycle their waste properly, drop off points for recycling material, and a recycling blog.

According to the UK Recycling Association, the amount of waste that is thrown away in the UK each year is equivalent to the weight of a Boeing 747 jet. That’s a lot of rubbish! And it doesn’t have to stay in landfill for very long before it starts to decompose and release harmful toxins into the atmosphere.

What is Basingstoke recycling Centre?

The Basingstoke recycling Centre is a local council-operate recycling centre that accepts a wide range of waste items. From kitchen and garden waste to paper, plastics and metal, the recycling centre helps to reduce the amount of waste that goes to landfill. The centre is open Monday to Saturday from 8am to 6pm, and is close on Sundays.

How does the Basingstoke recycling Centre work?

Basingstoke recycling Centre is a facility that collects and recycles materials. It is operate the borough council. Materials that are recycle at the Centre include plastics, cardboard, glass, textiles and metals. The Centre also accepts use motor vehicles.

The recycling process begins by removing any combustible materials, such as plastics and paper. This is done use a gas-fire thermal oxidize. The remaining materials are then sort into different categories, including plastic, paper, cardboard, glass and metal.

The Centre also accepts used motor vehicles for recycling. These vehicles are check for safety and mechanical issues before they are accept. Once the vehicle has accept, it is taken to a workshop where it is dismantle down to its component parts. The parts are then clean and sort before being send back out to use again.

What can I recycle at the Basingstoke recycling Centre?

The Basingstoke recycling Centre is a great place to recycle your waste materials. Here you can find out what can recycle and how. Your recycling will help the environment and save you money.

The Basingstoke recycling Centre offers a comprehensive range of recycling services for both household and commercial users.

The centre accepts a wide variety of materials including plastics, metals, paper, glass and electronic waste. All recyclable materials are sort and assess for quality before being load into trucks for transport to process.

For those who want to recycle their own materials, the centre provides a range of self-service facilities including a large recycling yard with Composting toilets. There is also a small shop on site where residents can purchase new recycling containers and other related equipment.

What types of recycling do they do?

The Basingstoke recycling centre does a variety of recycling including plastics, metal and paper.

The recycling Centre does a lot of different types of recycling, including municipal waste, electronic waste, and plastics. They also do green waste recycling.

The Services Provided by the Centre

The Basingstoke recycling Centre offers a wide range of services to its customers. These include sorting and grading of recyclable materials, collection and distribution, as well as the provision of information and advice. The Centre also runs a drop-off centre where residents can dispose of unwanted items directly.

The Centre is open Monday to Saturday from 7am to 7pm, and on Sundays from 9am to 4pm. It is also open on bank holidays.

What are the benefits of recycling with the Basingstoke recycling Centre?

The benefits of recycling with the Basingstoke recycling Centre are many and varied. Visit our website for more information on what can be recycle, how it is recycle and the environmental benefits of doing so.

When you recycle with the recycling Centre, you can help reduce the amount of waste that ends up in landfills. Not only that, but you can also help improve the environment reducing the amount of energy that is need to process and transport waste. And finally, recycling helps keep valuable materials out of landfills where they could potentially contaminate groundwater or pollute air quality.

Which material can I recycle?

The recycling centre in Basingstoke will take a range of materials, including plastics, paper, metals and glass. You can recycle most types of material that are not combustible or poisonous. The recycling centre will also recycle electronic waste.


If you’re in the Basingstoke area and need to recycle your materials, then you should definitely check out the recycling centre at the Basingstoke County Library. This centre offers a wide range of recycling services, including collection of plastic bottles, cardboard boxes and plastics bags. You can also drop off electrical and electronic waste, as well as tires. If you have any questions about what kind of recyclable material is accept at this centre, sure to ask one of the staff members on duty.

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